Name Theme Link
Associate Professor Shuichi Hasegawa
Doctor 2 Kyunghun Jung Development of Digital FOL system for isotope analysis
Doctor 1 Yuta Yamamoto Resonance Ionization and Rydberg Ion

Undergraduate/Master/Doctor Theses

Masanori Kitaoka (Doctor) "Application of Ion Trap - Laser Cooling to Isotope Analysis"
Yuta Yamamoto (Master) "Construction of Excitation System of Outermost Electrons by Multiple Lasers"
Moteki Jin (Undergraduate) "Analysis of geometric arrangement of trapped ions in crystallization"
Kyunghun Jung (Master) "Gas phase reactions and laser frequency control at the isotopic level"
Fukui Masaki (Master) "Control of Ions in Linear Paul Trap by Generating RF Rectangular Wave"
Sakai Yoshiki (Undergraduate) "Feasibility of Environment-based-Model to Predict Isotope Ratios"
Tanaka Yuki (Undergraduate) "Structure Analysis by Trapped Ions Imaging"
Takuma Yoshida (Master) "Development of isotope analysis apparatus integrating ICP-MS and ion trap"
Yuta Yamamoto (Undergraduate) "Development of analytical method for laser ablated ions using ion trap"
Yutaro Taniyama (Undergraduate) "Laser frequency stabilization by digital control"
Yoshinori Hashimoto (Doctor) "Dynamics of trapped isotope ions in a linear ion trap"
Masanori Kitaoka (Master) "Isotope-selective trapping of calcium ions produced by resonant photoionization"
Takuma Kitajima (Master) "Numerical analysis of ions transported through a quadrupole"
Keisuke Ikeda (Undergraduate) "Development of an rf power source for a quadrupole linear ion trap"
Hideto Higashimaru (Master) "Development of a continuous wave blue-violet light source for Ca isotope excitations"
Keiichi Minamino (Master) "Laser cooling and control of trapped isotope ions"
Shintaro Suzuki (Undergraduate) "Numerical simulation and design of ion guide with kinetic energy analyzer"
Iulia Maria Buluta (Doctor) "Planar Coulomb Crystals for Quantum Simulation"
Katsuaki Ishigaki (Master) "Analysis of qutrit gates by optimal control"
Masanori Kitaoka (Undergraduate) "A Proposal of quantum gate in 2D Coulomb crystals"
Daisuke Nagamoto (Master) "Analysis of highly-excited state of Ze atom"
Shingo Fujiwara (Doctor) "Scalable quantum computation schemes with trapped ions"
Leo Matsuoka (Doctor) "Two-color spectroscopic studies of highly-excited atoms and laser-cooled ions"
Jun Nakagawa (Master) "Analysis on electron and bremsstrahlung X-ray generated by ultra-intense laser"
Yoshinori Hashimoto (Master) "Observation of laser cooled single ion"
Fumiko Yoshida (Doctor) "Experimental and numerical analyses on X-ray photoexcitation of beryllium atom"
Hiroyuki Osaki (Master) "Construction of micro ion trap for quantum computer"
Satoshi Kikkawa (Master) "Analysis on dynamics of X-rays and positrons generated by intense laser"
Yu Fukushima (Master) "Laser isotope analysis with ion trap"
Iulia Maria Buluta (Master) "Ion Trap Implementation Schemes for Quantum Random Walks and Quantum Games"
Keita Soda (Master) "Generation of bremsstrahlung X ray by ultra-intense laser"
Kazuhisa Kawasaki (Master) "Design of the electrodes for ion trap quantum computer"
Yuichi Murakawa (Master) "Generation of atomic vapor from cesium compounds"
Shingo Fujiwara (Master) "Analysis of dependence of decoherence on quantum search problem"
Leo Matsuoka (Master) "Analysis of highly-excited states of titanium atom"
Shuhei Yoshiura (Master)
Fumiko Yoshida (Master) "Construction of UV laser source and ion trap devices for isotope analysis"